The Butcher

The Butcher is a former Special Forces soldier who returned to civilian life after being discharged with PTS after being held hostage by insurgent groups in a Middle Eastern conflict. After escaping his captors, he returned to his family home and became a loner who worked long hours in the towns abattoir. When the meteor hits, he is saved by his own paranoia, as he has established a secure bunker and has been preparing for a doomsday situation for years. The virus eradicates his personality, leaving behind his motor skills, fragmented memories and a heightened sense of paranoia.

The Butcher moves alone, and dresses each day as if it were the last before impact. His blood stained apron, gloves and killing uniform are only supplemented by a gasmask he kept in his bunker. He kills anyone and anything he comes into contact with, and sees all others as a threat. The gasmask hides his face at all times, and his stealth sees him become almost myth like among the survivors within his city.

Concept work by Richard Marsh

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