Total raised so far: £31.97

We want to say a huge thank you to the people below for supporting our project!

If you want to remain anonymous, please contact us here and we will either reomove your name or mark it as anonymous!

  • Imogen Whyte
  • Iskander Mellakh

Our supporters

  • ICM Studios VFX and animation
  • Focus Digital Media
  • Zync Render
  • Pyrat FX
  • Superblimp VFX and Animation
  • HEROmation Animation
  • Tom Dow
  • Adam Fenwick VFX
  • Pickled Digital
  • Imogen Whyte Interior Design
  • Everlast Decking

Supporters of Fallen Meteor

Any support to this project would be highly appreciated. If you like what you see and want to see more you can help this production by spreading the word. The more interest in this project will give the production a better presence.

If you want to take it a step further please make a donation - this will give more time to the project and help it finished quicker!

All supporters of this production will be added to this page unless they request to be anonymous.

How will any donations be spent?

The main cost of any project like this is the cost of the directors, producers and artists.

On top of the cost of all the artists we would need to set aside budgets for the areas below:

  • Software licences
  • Research and development
  • Insurance
  • Hardware
  • Rendering